Live Score – DailyBet

Live Score – DailyBet

FREE PICKS 11.04.2021
TIME: 20:00
Sheffield UtdSheffield Utd – ArsenalArsenal
PICK: 2 Odd: 1.70 FT: 0-3

FREE PICKS 11.04.2021
TIME: 18:00
AS RomaAS Roma – BolognaBologna
PICK: 1 Odd: 1.90 FT: 1-0

Live Score – DailyBet
No matter if you are a pre-match or live betting punter, you want to be able to see the result in the matches you are watching or betting on. And you want it as soon as it happens. That’s why many sports operators offer a service catering just for that. However, the difference between operators and other sites offering the options may differ. Meaning that you, as a customer, have to figure out exactly what you need. And how fast and accurate you need it. As in some cases you actually need to read the fine print before blindly trusting what you see on the screen. But luckily for you, we have gone deeper in the technicalities surrounding live score. So, the expectations are that after you finished reading this topic. You are all caught up and can successfully implement live score in your betting pattern.

Live score is old news
Despite the name, the feed you see on a bookmakers site displays with a delay. Which are due to many reasons, the owner’s rights being one of them. As such, the score you see is deliberately held back, which usually are around 10 seconds. Also, the lag may have another underlying cause, namely, your internet speed or mobile connection. Although there is a way to get the actual live score as it happens. And to get your hands on at the moment standings you can utilise a third-party provider. Meaning, with a little research online, you will find that there is plenty of companies offering a more precise product. Plus, you will find apps dedicated to just that. Which is available on both iOS and Android. Or, you can watch the game on a sports network to be sure that the feed and score correlates.

Some operator better than others
In some case, there will be a huge difference in the response time on a live score between different bookmakers. And the main reason is that some sportsbook operations rely on a 3rd party provider to not only offer the fixtures and results but also redirect you as a punter to their product and site. And in these circumstances, you will see something like “powers by..” indicating that there is an external supplier of all said features. However, do not fear, you will not get kicked out of the bookmaker’s site, as common practise is to utilise a pop-up window. Allowing you to check out the standings at the same time as you compare odds.

Social media covers live score
In fact, many operators have decent coverage of football games as they happen. As such, using any of the more popular social media platforms can give you direct access to an event. Where designated staff keep the community updated on the game. Feeding you live score, corners and sudden changes. However, don’t expect the bookmaker to cover all of the games that go down that day. As they are more likely only to cover the main attractions.

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