Score in Both Halves

Score in Both Halves

FREE PICKS 27.03.2021
TIME: 15:00

B.93B.93 – HolstebroHolstebro
PICK: Over 2.5 Odd: 1.45 FT: 4-1

To score in both halves
One of the more unpredictable and hard bets to predict in pre-match betting is how the teams will perform in the whole 90-minutes duration of a football match. And placing bets on to score in both halves, in particular, can prove difficult. As per all bet types that covers the first half and the second one has so many unknowns, right from the start. Just think about it for a minute; all possible things can happen during a fulltime bet. For instance, are pitch conditions consistent? Or will there be some yellow or red card issued? And is there going to be injuries? By which can have a massive impact on the outcome of the game. Say that the top striker gets substituted due to said cause. As such, due to all aspect, a well placed to score in both halves bet offers up some pretty good odds.


2-2 a winning bet
If you not already figured it out. As self-explanatory the name of the bet type is. It still worth to mention to get rid of all questions surrounding this market. And a bet placed need to have the following result to count as winning. The first half needs to at least end in 1-1, where the second half has to have an end result of 2-2 or more. However, getting it right is harder than you might think, but yet, highly rewarded. Score in Both Halves


Odds through the roof
Make no mistake; none of the selections is easy; it’s just that some come with fewer variables to take into consideration. To explain, say that you, for instance, places a bet on the home team, or away team to score in both halves separately. Then you only have to be right with one of the teams. But say that you now apply the same bet type, including the teams on one bet slip. And suddenly the predictions become a not so easy one. Which also, the odds will reflect. For the sake of argument, let’s pretend that only have the home team on the slip you have odds of 6/5. Where the away team get priced at 29/10. But, combined those and the odds shoot through the roof. And you could look at odds of 7/1, on both teams to score in both halves.

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